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Proven Results

With a long history of traditional use, Medicinal Spice Oils have proven themselves time and again as safe yet potent healers and preventers of disease. Modern science has verified these traditional uses. See articles and research below on the following:

Alzheimer's Disease
Antibiotic Resistant Infection
Bacterial Infection
Bacterial Infection 2
Cancer 2
Childhood Infections
Common Cold

E. Coli
Free Radicals
Free Radicals 2
Fungal Infections
Heart Attack
Poor Memory
Poor Memory 2
Prostate Cancer
Fungus, Yeast,
Parasites, Bacteria



Pure-le Natural's OreganoCures.com

Welcome to Oregano Cures, your online source for information
on Oregano and other medicinal spice oils.

This website provides a wealth of information on the topic of natural health care for the
prevention and reversal of chronic and acute diseases and conditions.

Oil of Oregano
Super Strength Oil of Oregano
Super Strength Oil of Oregano Organicaps®
Super Strength Oregano + Sterols Organicaps®
Super Strength OregImmune Organicaps®
Super Strength OregaFlu Organicaps®
Super Strength OregaPlus Organicaps®
Holistically Standardized Herbacillin
Holistically Standardized Oil of Rosemary
Holistically Standardized Oil of Sage
Holistically Standardized Oil of Garlic

Medicinal Spice Oil Products can be used for:

Acne Allergies Alopecia Alzheimer's Disease Angina Antibiotic Resistant Infection Arthritis Asthma Athletes foot Bacterial Infection Bad Breath Bed Sores Bloating Blocked Nose Blocked Sinuses Boils Bruises Bursitis Cancer Candida Infection Candidiasis Canker sores Chest pain Cholesterol (high) Circulation (Poor) Colds Cold Extremities Cold Sores Congestion Cough Cramps (Menstrual) Cramps (Muscle) Dandruff Diabetes (Type 2) Diaper Disinfectant Diaper Cleaner Diarrhoea Digestive Problems Drug Resistant Bacteria E. Coli (Escherichia coli) Ear Infections Eczema Energy (Lack of) Fingernail Infection Flu Free Radicals Fungal Infections Gingivitis Gum disease Heart Attack Hair Loss Halitosis Headaches Head Lice Heart Problems Hepatitis Hot Flashes Influenza Irritable Bowel Syndrome Laundry Disinfectant Liver Conditions Malaria Memory (Poor) Migraines Muscle Aches Muscle Pain Nits Parasites Phlegm Pimples Poison Ivy Poison Oak Poison Sumac Produce Wash Prostate Cancer Psoriasis Rheumatism Ringworm Rosacea SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) Salmonella Seborrhea Sinuses (clogged) Sinusitis Skin (Oily) Sore Throat Stroke Sweating (excessive) Toenail Infections Toenail Problems Tooth Care Ulcers Urinary Tract Infections Warts Vaginitis Viral infections Yeast infections

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