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Vegetable cellulose
Pure filtered water

 Kosher Status

Certified Kosher and Parve by the Kashruth Council of Toronto


Organicaps® are ideal for encapsulation of any dry powdered product.


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 Therapeutic Indications

The two-piece capsule has served all of us well for so long that most people who use them, take them for granted. But now the time has come to take a second look. Because after decades of extensive scientific research, experts have finally developed an entirely new capsule.

It is called the Organicap®. It looks the same as the two-piece gelatin capsules, but it is different in one fundamental, critically important way: No animal products or by-products are ever used in its manufacture. This means that those who have avoided capsules, including vegetarians, vegans and others who are religiously restricted from beef or pork by-products, now have the choice of taking absolutely vegetarian formulations in capsule dosage form.

The more you look into Organicaps®, the more you will appreciate their unique advantages. Not only are they free of all animal by- products, they are also free of all potential irritants, including starch, sugar, corn, soy, wheat, yeast, dairy products, and artificial colors. And since they are derived only from vegetable sources, they do not support the growth of bacteria. So Organicaps® can be totally free of preservatives, as well.

For committed vegetarians, and others who for religious reasons would prefer to avoid all beef and pork by-products, supplements encapsulated in Organicaps® are the healthful, stable and affordable alternative.

Organicaps® are made from only pure carbohydrate gum, derived from naturally occurring vegetable cellulose. In simple terms, cellulose is a plant fiber -- the structural building block of all of Nature's life-giving plants.

Since Organicaps® are made from plant fiber, they are water-soluble and offer maximum bioavailability. Independent research has confirmed nearly identical dissolution profiles for Organicaps® and gelatin capsules at normal body temperatures. What's more, taken with tap water or iced beverages, Organicaps® have a significant dissolving advantage over gelatin. And when stored, Organicaps® were found to be even more stable than gelatin capsules across a wide range of variations in temperature and humidity.

Organicaps® are free of preservatives. In fact, preservatives are completely unnecessary, since Organicaps® are not a medium for bacterial growth, even in extremely humid conditions. Organicaps® are, in fact, completely inert and totally neutral to their contents. This makes them clearly the superior dosage form for any supplement.


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