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The Kosher History

Often considered the oldest diet in the world, Kosher started with Adam and Eve eating a diet of fruit, grains, and vegetables. Cleanliness was enforced, and cruelty to animals was strictly forbidden. The stringent laws associated with Kosher living were formulated later in the Commandments of the Torah. Cross-contamination between products is eliminated because of the processing and cleaning rules demanded by Kosher. Kosher products are guaranteed to be labeled correctly, since any violation of Kosher regulations is considered fraud.

The basic premise behind Kosher is self-control and discipline. It forces one to constantly be aware of what is being consumed, to always follow the rules. In this manner, something as instinctive as eating becomes something that is observed and followed.

Vegetarians, vegans, and those that are lactose intolerant or follow certain religious beliefs can benefit from products that are both Kosher and Parve. Parve is the term used to signify products which contain no meat, foul or dairy products or by-products.

What Does "Kosher and Parve" Mean?

Kosher is a term used to describe something that is right, proper, or fit. Food that is certified Kosher is guaranteed to be of a high quality, and often surpasses the quality standards of the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada. Parve foods are free from any animal products or by-products and considered neutral they contain no meat or dairy. This would include fruits, grains, herbs, and vegetables.

Documentation of all ingredients, manufacturing procedures, and packaging materials used to make a product are studied and approved by certifying agencies. Therefore, a Kosher and Parve certified product guarantees that there is truth in its label. A company that incorrectly labels a product Kosher is considered to be fraudulent, and subject to fines or imprisonment.

Kosher standards for processing and cleansing also ensure that product cross-contamination does not occur. Thus, one can be assured that only the items shown on the ingredients list and on the label are contained in packages certified as Kosher and Parve.

Kosher laws provide a rallying point for Jews. At the same time, they give vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerant people, and other religious followers the guarantee that food certified Kosher will be of the highest quality and handled and processed in an acceptable way. Many reasons or theories have been provided for living Kosher (health, spiritual, self discipline, morality). All lead back, however, to the high quality of the food consumed.

The acceptability of Kosher in today's society spans more than religious circles. The guarantee of quality products, packaging, manufacturing procedures and machinery, and cleanliness have become a standard to many who are concerned about the food and medicines they consume.

To ensure that Kosher standards are maintained after certification, impromptu inspections are often carried out by the certification agency. Any item found not to fall within Kosher guidelines could result in the nullification of the company's Kosher status. Therefore, the manufacturing company must continually work to keep its Kosher qualification.

Kosher Certification

Requiring all Laws be strictly followed, various agencies certify and monitor manufacturing companies as being Kosher. The Kashruth Council of Toronto has certified Pure-Li Natural and grants us the symbol below because we meet their rigorous standards. Within the different certifying agencies, this Council is one of the most highly regarded. Their standards are very precise, but their insignia is well worth our extra effort.

To be certified Kosher and Parve, we must submit each product for pre-market review by the Council. After the application is approved, and certification is granted, we must also pass the many random inspections used by the Council to ensure our Kosher standards are maintained after certification.

As the only herbal company certified both Kosher and Parve, Pure-Li Natural can guarantee that our products are pure, clean, and of the highest quality. As a natural products consumer, you should feel assured that our products meet and exceed your exacting standards. Most of our products, including all of our oregano products have passed the rigorous standards set forth by the Kashruth Council of Toronto and bear their seal of approval and our Kosher number (18). Look for the symbol below as your assurance of quality on all your natural health products.

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