Pure-Li Natural


Guaranteed Potency
Oil of Oregano
Potent traditional drops


Steam Distilled Mediterranean Oregano Essential Oil
(Origanum vulgare)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Natural Vitamin E

Dosage Forms

Pure-Li Natural Oil of Oregano is guaranteed potency, containing a minimum of 20% Carvacrol and is certified Kosher and Parve. It is packaged in convenient 10ml amber glass bottles with dropper caps to control dispensing.


Oil of oregano is considered an important antiseptic by many cultures. Internal traditional uses include treatment of respiratory problems, digestive ailments, and as a potent stimulant. External use of oregano oil is indicated for headaches, insect bites, aches and pains, and in situations of skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, and shingles. In addition, it can be used to soothe painful rheumatic inflammations.


Avoid use during pregnancy. May irritate skin and mucous membranes in high concentrations.

 Therapeutic Indications

Native to Mediterranean regions, oregano has a highly-deserved reputation as a natural remedy. This common culinary spice has been used for centuries to treat respiratory problems such as colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, and coughs. Oregano is a valued digestive aide, as its consumption stimulates the appetite, enhances digestion, and acts as a diuretic. The oil of this small plant is also used to induce menstruation.

Pure-Li Natural Oil of Oregano is 100% natural and guaranteed potency. We guarantee it to have a minimum of 20% Carvacrol, Oregano's primary active constituent.

External use of oregano oil is valued as a potent analgesic and antirheumatic agent. It helps relieve the pain associated with inflammations, headaches, insect bites, and migraines. Additionally, this herb's powerful antimicrobial properties assist to prevent infections, and treat skin conditions such as athlete's foot, psoriasis, eczema, shingles, and neuralgia. Oregano has also been used to terminate lice infestations.

Research into oregano's benefits verify this herbal's antimicrobial action. Studies also determined oregano is helpful with digestion and respiratory problems.


Oil of Oregano can be used both topically and and internally.

Internal: Place 3-5 drops, under the tongue, in a beverage (water, juice, etc.), and consume 3 times daily.

Some people prefer to take oil of oregano by placing 3-5 drops in an empty Organicap® capsule, thereby avoiding its distinctive taste.

Cooking: Add a tiny amount to foods for a flavour packed spicy, healthy addition.

Topically: Apply liberally to the affected area, and massage in. Be sure to treat the region adjacent to the area, as healing is occurring here, too. This treatment should be applied once or twice a day, as required. When using a bandage, increase the quantity of oil applied. This guarantees that the area being treated is still exposed to the oil, not absorbed by the bandage.

Antiseptic: Oil of Oregano can be added to liquid soaps and shampoos to enhance their antimicrobial activity. In addition, this oil can be used in cloths to wipe down kitchen and bathroom countertops.

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