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Guaranteed Potency
Oregaflu Organicaps®
Fight the Flu and WIN!


Steam Distilled Mediterranean Oregano Essential Oil Powder
(Origanum vulgare)
Elderberry Flower (Sambucus nigra)

 Dosage Forms

Pure-Li Natural Oregaflu Organicaps® are guaranteed potency, containing a minimum 7.5mg of Carvacrol in each capsule and are certified Kosher and Parve.


Oregaflu Organicaps® are nature's answer to the flu (influenza). These convenient capsules contain the two herbal products which have been researched and proven to help prevent the body from catching the flu and help combat existing flu infections.


Avoid use during pregnancy.

 Therapeutic Indications

Native to Mediterranean regions, oregano has a highly-deserved reputation as a natural remedy. This common culinary spice has been used for centuries to treat respiratory problems such as colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, and coughs.

Researches into oregano's benefits verify this herbs immunostimulant and antimicrobial action. Studies show that oregano builds and tones the immune system. It also destroys viruses and bacteria on contact, including the viruses that cause influenza.

One could say elderberry was designed by nature to fight influenza. It is highly antiviral, attacking the viruses that cause influenza, while acting as an immunostimulant by building and toning the body's entire immune system. The flowers' diaphoretic (sweat-promoting) properties further stimulate the body's immune system to combat invading microbes.

Pure-Li Natural Oregaflu Organicaps® are the potent flu fighting combination of Oregano oil and Elder. They are 100% natural and guaranteed potency. We guarantee a minimum of 7.5mg of Carvacrol, Oregano's primary active constituent, per capsule.


As an influenza (flu) preventative:
Take 1 - 2 Oregaflu Organicaps® twice daily.

To fight an influenza (flu) infection:
Take 2 - 4 Oregaflu Organicaps® twice daily.

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