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Pure-Li Natural uses only the finest quality ingredients. We take great care to search the globe for superior quality raw materials. Our herbs mainly come from our own network of wildcrafters and organic growers whom we personally know. Our wildcrafters gather the herbs from the wilds of nature in areas free from pollution, at the height of their potency and with an awareness as to correct species and ecological balance. Our certified organic growers cultivate without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and take care to enrich the soil naturally. Over the years, we've have built relationships with quality-conscious suppliers who consistently provide the best of a year's crop and respect our standards -- including no irradiated products.

All our herbs and herbal products are free of any fumigation, irradiation, or synthetic chemicals. It is our strict policy to order, and inventory, only small batches of raw ingredients and finished goods to ensure freshness. We use the maximum amounts of natural source ingredients and adhere as closely as possible to their natural state. Thorough inspection of a pre-shipment sample is performed on each product Pure-Li Natural buys.

We can guarantee the purity, freshness and potency of every Pure-Li Natural product. We believe our commitment to quality is unparalleled in the industry today. And that's why health conscious consumers and practitioners around the world, trust our products to maintain and promote their good health, naturally.

Pure-Li Natural does not engage in animal testing of its products. We have developed some of the finest and purest products available in the world today without resorting to animal testing. We are committed to developing leading-edge products that meet the highest standards for effectiveness, purity and potency.

Oregano Quality

Q. Does Pure-Li Natural use Wild Oregano?

A. No, Our Oregano Is Far Superior to "Wild" Oregano!

According to the world-renowned herbal expert Dr. James Duke (United States Department of Agriculture) "Wild Oregano" is another name for "Common Oregano", the species of oregano (Origanum vulgare) that we use in our products. Each batch of our oregano is lab tested to verify the species identity and Carvacrol content prior to manufacture.

Many companies claim to use oregano that is grown wild and hand harvested in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately growing herbs in these widely variable conditions is not an optimal way to create therapeutic oregano. It leads to large variations in quality, consistency and therapeutic constituents.

The Oregano Pure-Li Natural uses in all our oregano products is field grown in the Mediterranean without pesticides or herbicides . Closely monitored and protected, we are able to grow superior grade oregano that is naturally high in Carvacrol. By employing rigorous quality control standards throughout growing and manufacturing stages we are able to provide premium quality, certified Kosher and Parve oregano products with Guaranteed levels of Carvacrol.

Q. Why does Pure-Li Natural guarantee the carvacrol content in all of your oregano products?
Carvacrol is your assurance of quality in oregano.
Carvacrol is a powerful phenol found in oregano. It is one of the key medicinal constituents of oregano and one of the reasons oregano is such a potent healer. When choosing oregano products, be sure you are getting high potency true medicinal oregano. You can be certain of the quality of oregano used by looking for these two pieces of information on the product label;

  • The botanical species of true oregano, Origanum vulgare
  • The guaranteed carvacrol level (% of a liquid, or mg per capsule)

By guaranteeing the carvacrol content of our oregano products, Pure-Li Natural is guaranteeing the quality and efficacy of our products.

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