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Proven Results

With a long history of traditional use, Medicinal Spice Oils have proven themselves time and again as safe yet potent healers and preventers of disease. Modern science has verified these traditional uses. See articles and research below on the following:

Alzheimer's Disease
Antibiotic Resistant Infection
Bacterial Infection
Bacterial Infection 2
Cancer 2
Childhood Infections
Common Cold

E. Coli
Free Radicals
Free Radicals 2
Fungal Infections
Heart Attack
Poor Memory
Poor Memory 2
Prostate Cancer
Fungus, Yeast,
Parasites, Bacteria



How Do I Take It ?

We are often asked by consumers and practitioners "How Do I Take This?" when it comes to our Medicinal Spice Oil Liquids. Here is the definitive guide:

Oil of Oregano, Super Strength Oil of Oregano, Herbacillin, Oil of Sage, Oil of Garlic, Oil of Rosemary

Internally (Oral):

Do not add drops to a drink (water, juice, etc.). The Medicinal Spice Oil will stick to the sides of the glass and you will get only a fraction of your desired dose. This method also maximizes the amount of oil which gets on your tongue, creating a very unpleasant effect. Our method outlined below minimizes the amount of oil on your tongue creating a far more pleasant experience.

2: Open the bottle

3: Tilt your head back with your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

4: Hold the bottle on a 45 degree angle (bottle neck down) over your open mouth. DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE.

5: Drops will begin dripping slowly into your mouth. You should aim so that the drops land just slightly behind your lower front teeth. Try not to get any drops on your lips or tongue.

6: Once you have dripped the desired amount of drops into your mouth, return the bottle upright and bring you head level with the floor with your tongue still on the roof of your mouth.

7: Hold your head this way for approximately 15 - 3- seconds. You will begin to feel a warming sensation in your mouth, this is normal.

8: Drink your drink (from step 1) quickly and fully.

9: Cap the bottle, wash your hands with soap and water and enjoy your good health!

To minimize the aftertaste that some people experience, try adding Pure-le Natural Chlorophyll Concentrate (regular, not mint) to the water (from step 1).

Internally (Oral) for children:

Place 1 drop of the Medicinal Spice Oil in a teaspoon of raw (unpasteurized) honey or maple syrup. We find children love the "exotic" sweet taste and will actually ask for more!

Externally (Topically):

Try using the drops neat (undiluted). If this proves too strong, dilute the drops in a carrier oil (jojoba, wheat germ, safflower, olive, etc.) and try again. At the beginning try using a dilution of 5 drops Medicinal Spice oil, per 1/4 teaspoon carrier oil. If this is too strong, continue adding carrier oil until the desired strength is achieved. Over time, as you get used to using Medicinal Spice Oils slowly work your way to increasing the potency by reducing the amount of carrier oil.


Add a couple drops to a cotton ball and place the cotton ball directly under your nose. Do not inhale deeply, simply breathe normally through your nose.


Use Medicinal Spice Oils in place of dried spices. Just a drop or two will do wonders in your recipe.

Win a free bottle of Oil of Oregano

Your feedback is important to us.

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